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Yamaha products, the inevitable choice of those who want the best

We see the world of Yamaha as the ultimate expression of Japanese technology. We are dealers for the most important brand in the nautical world.

Yamaha products, the inevitable choice of those who want the best Motonautica Cuneo offers its customers: Our workshop, based in Genoa on Via Molo Giano.
Our spare parts warehouse based in Genoa at the Marina Aeroporto.
The workshop based in Varazze, at Marina di Varazze.
Our technicians are specialized to work on all products. Jetskis, outboard motors, boats and dinghies marketed by Yamaha Marine

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Yamaha Satisfaction Sea

The service programme Yamaha offers its customers

satisfaction sea

It seems a simple play on words, but the phonology, the literal significance, and the sheer space the name evokes, is no game. This is a programme of services offered by Yamaha to its customers to encourage the satisfaction and pride that comes from owning a Yamaha product.

As with all strong currents of thought, Satisfaction Sea has developed a manifesto – a credo from which its action programme:


We believe that sailing the ocean is not just a matter of horsepower, but of satisfaction.
We don't just offer you the best motors, but also the highest level of service.

We believe that those who look for the clearest sea waters will find we offer the best
clarity in pricing. This is why our price list always guarantees the
best prices at all your local dealers.

We believe in a more open and accessible ocean for everyone, so our engines are available with
financing for you.

We believe that one should always navigate at sea without any worries. This is why we offer
a 5-year warranty on all our engines.

We believe that true happiness while sailing requires absolute transparency. So
we give you a price list for scheduled maintenance to help you plan your spending.

We believe it is possible to fall in love even more with the sea, sailing an ocean of satisfaction.


We consider 4 basic elements, 4 "happy places" to dock with, or navigate:

The Port with easy access: simple and transparent financing – to have access to all of Yamaha'a engines;
The Beach with clear waters: clear and advantageous pricing at every Authorized Dealer;
The Bay of blue waves: known for its clear scheduled maintenance list, so you know how much you're spending, not only on the engine, but also for the first five years of service;
The Route of the carefree sailors: where berths are always reassuring, profitable, enjoyable, and relaxing. With Yamaha, you get a five-year guarantee for peace of mind.

Welcome to Yamaha Marine - Satisfaction Sea

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