Today, Motonautica Cuneo has two locations:

motonautica cuneo employees

- The main site in Genoa, with 300 square metres of covered area and 150 square metres outdoors.

- A service point in Varazze in the Marina di Varazze, with its own spare parts warehouse for retailing spare parts to boaters for DIY, and to sell spare parts to independent boatyards.

- A service point at the Marina Genova Aeroporto, with its own spare parts warehouse for the retail of spare parts to boaters for DIY, and to sell spare parts to independent boatyards. (New)


All of our employees attend regular refresher technical and trade courses.

Port of Genoa

Via Molo Giano - 16128 Genova Porto (Italy)

workshop genoa
MOTONAUTICA CUNEO S.r.l.(Port of Genoa)


Via Molo Giano - 16128 Genova Porto (Italy)


Phone:+39 010 860 70 59 +39 010 0899210

Fax:+39 010 860 70 60

Mobile:+39 335 5800 104

Our base in the port of Genoa is in the heart of the shipyard district.
Its strategic location is next to the Y.C.I. and the headquarters of Genoa's major marine companies.
The location is equidistant from the Porto Antico (Old Port) and the Marina della Fiera in Genoa.

Here you will find 300 square metres of shipyards dedicated to Yamaha and Volvo Penta.
You will find 150 square metres of warehousing for Volvo Penta spare parts, the most comprehensive in all of Liguria.


Guido Grattarola company partner.
Licensed Machine Captain, working in the field of recreational boating since 1990.
A great connoisseur of Volvo Penta products.
Guido deals with the management of all our operational staff in Genoa.


Adriana Cuneo is the Lady of the Accounts.Phone +39 010 0899210
With a degree in Accountancy, Adriana has worked at the company for over 10 years. She is the company administrator.


Giorgio Steffè the "Master" of spare parts.
He has in-depth knowledge of Volvo Penta products.
Warehouse Manager for spare parts for both Genoa and Varazze.Licensed Machine Captain.
He has worked in the yachting sector since 1991.


Renato Guala The Engine Man.Mobile +39 345 7607861

He deals with Volvo Penta and Yamaha engine sales.Generators Sets and anything else

you may need.

Marina di Varazze

Via Dei Cordari 32 - Marina Di Varazze (Italy)


(Marina di Varazze)


Via Dei Cordari 32

17019 Marina Di Varazze (Italy).


Phone: +39 019 4509270 

Telefax: +39 019 4509271.


Portable: +39 348 8347950 (Roberto)

Our headquarters is located in the prestigious Marina di Varazze.
Equipped with an automated parts warehouse, and all the instrumentation and equipment for the management of the new
electronic Volvo Penta and Yamaha engines.


Roberto Lucon company partner

Workshop manager in Varazze
Technician specializing in the management of Volvo Penta engines.
Deep understanding of Volvo Penta and Yamaha products.
For information and to book an intervention, contact Roberto Lucon.

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