Spare Parts
spare parts

With genuine Volvo Penta parts, engine quality is assured throughout its lifetime. The wide range of genuine Volvo Penta parts also help the manufacturer and end-users to customize the installation. Advanced logistics systems ensure the supply of spare parts within 48 hours almost anywhere in the world!

Never jeopardize safety and performance, or risk expensive repairs, by fitting non-original Volvo Penta parts.

When new engines and transmissions are under development, the parts are fully tested to ensure flawless performance. Using genuine Volvo Penta Parts ensures the best running conditions for your engine.

Available at more than 5,000 dealers in some 130 countries around the world, Volvo Penta Parts are easy to obtain. The most common accessories are available from your dealer. Otherwise, we are able to deliver anywhere in Europe within 24 hours and, over a slightly longer period, in the rest of the world.


If in doubt about the prices of Volvo Penta products or equipment, please contact us.

Item numbers related to the most common maintenance operations, depending on the model of the engine, can be downloaded. To ensure you get the correct publication, keep the serial number of your engine on hand.

Two years warranty on Volvo Penta spare parts

Read the details in the PDF file

Volvo Penta spare parts exchange program


Volvo Penta has a wide range of exchange units.The use of refurbished components increases the hours of operation of the engine and transmission: the overhauled components are in fact complete and ready for installation, thereby eliminating the need for time-intensive repairs.


In the Volvo Penta Exchange System, each new unit is in either new or as-new condition. We can therefore offer the same guarantees on reconditioned Volvo Penta components as on completely new original spares.

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