Jet skis

Versatile and fun craft

The jet ski,PWC, or Wave Runner. These are among Yamaha's best products.
They are intended solely for recreational purposes, as tenders for pleasure boats, as boats, and as rescue vehicles. They among the more versatile and fun watercraft you will ever drive in the water. They are suitable for medium and short-range trips, and for all water sports.

  • 2016-Yamaha-VXR-EU-Pure-White

  • 2016-Yamaha-VXR-EU-Pure-White

  • 2016-Yamaha-VX-Deluxe-EU-Waikiki-Blue

  • 2016-Yamaha-VX-Cruiser-EU-Pure-White

  • 2016-Yamaha-V1-Sport-EU-Pure-White

  • 2016-Yamaha-V1-EU-Pure-White-with-Laser-Yellow-Metallic

  • 2016-Yamaha-SuperJet-EU-Pure-White-with-Orange-and-Blue

  • 2016-Yamaha-FZS-EU-Azure-Blue-Metallic-with-Pure-White

  • 2016-Yamaha-FZR-EU-Pure-White-with-Torch-Red-Metallic

  • 2016-Yamaha-FX-SHO-EU-Azure-Blue-Metallic

  • 2016-Yamaha-FX-High-Output-EU-Pure-White-with-Azure-Blue

  • 2016-Yamaha-FX-Cruiser-SHO-EU-Pure-White

  • 2016-Yamaha-FX-Cruiser-High-Output-EU-Black-Metallic-with-Slate-Blue-Metallic

Moto d'acqua Yamaha

Alte prestazioni - Recreation - Sport - Race

Sfoglia alcuni dei modelli delle moto d'acqu aYamaha che puoi trovare a Genova da Motonautica Cuneo.

Yamaha WAVERUNNER Price List
Yamaha Jet Skis
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