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Volvo Penta marine engines offer a complete range of inboard and stern drives.


In addition to the recreational marine engines – a market sector where it is the world leader – Volvo also builds industrial engines, and engines for marine power generators.


All engines are built paying close attention to their environmental impact. All use electronically controlled combustion to minimize fuel consumption and emissions. We offer customers a wide choice: petrol and diesel inboard, and IPS.


A wide range of power ratings is also on offer, from 15 to 900 hp. Not to mention the IPS 3 system that supplies power equivalent to a 1200 hp in-line motor. (Ocean-going tests have confirmed the validity of this assertion.)

Volvo Penta has changed sailing forever

A revolutionary new propulsion system


The Volvo Penta IPS (Inboard Performance System) is a new and revolutionary propulsion system. With an incredible increase in efficiency over inboard systems, the Volvo Penta IPS offers a higher top speed, greater acceleration, and all the performance you could want. Cruising range is improved thanks to significant fuel savings.
Manoeuvrability on a par with an automobile, enabling easy docking and perfect control at high speeds. With minimal vibration and noise, and virtually non-existent exhaust fumes, on-board comfort takes a great leap forward.

At the same time, the traditional benefits of an inboard motor are retained, such as the propellers under the hull, as well as the extensive use of bronze and stainless steel. The Volvo Penta IPS has changed sailing forever

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